Bus Info

Route Information:
If you are unsure of your pick up/drop off time and location, please visit:

Public Schools Branch School BusPlanner

Bus Pass Request:
Please send a note to school with your child should you be requesting that your child take the school bus home at the end of the school day.  Please clearly indicate the address of where you child is going, the name of their friend and/or the reason for the request.  If you have more than one child, please issue each child a request for a bus pass.  The school will then issue a School Branch bus pass to the student so they will have permission to board the school bus.

Please note that bus passes are only granted if there is availability on the school bus.  Otherwise, a call will be made home to let you know that we will not be able to permit your child (ren) on the bus due to no seats available.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in this matter.

Bus Safety:
Each September, the Principal/Vice Principal will have a school assembly to review bus safety with all students.  Here are a few of our safety rules at St. Jean School:

  1. Sitting Safely – Children are reminded that their bottoms and backs must be on the seat at all times.
  2. Appropriate Voice Levels  –  At St. Jean, we expect students to use a soft voice level while on the school bus.  With 60 to 70 children on a bus, it can become very noisy and distracting to our drivers.  It is important to use safety voices at all times.
  3. Obey the Driver – At St. Jean, we expect that our students listen and follow any instructions from the driver during the bus ride without hesitation.  Any student safety concerns will be shared with school administration immediately!

Child Restraints:
If your child is under 40lbs, it is the law that they must use the child restraint system on the bus.  These are built into the seats and consist of a 5 point harness similar to what you would have on a car seat.  Kindergarten children will be weighed in the first few days of school.  If they are under 40lbs, parents will be contacted and the students will practice buckling and be unbuckling on the bus with the Vice Principal.  Once they are able to do this independently, they will be expected to wear their child restraint to and from school.  For safety reasons, we want all children to be able to do this independently. Our bus drivers are not allowed to buckle or unbuckle our students.